Summer-Last Post

I’m exited for Summer, but I’m also a little worried that I wont have anything to do. Luckily I have camp right away and it will be nice to not have homework or any work at all. I will miss my friends, though it is only 10 weeks and some of them are going to camp with me. I really enjoyed 6th Grade, plus I’ve been told that 7th grade is better than 6th. Which means that I should be exited for next year. I’m actually pretty exited for summer camp because our class went there a few weeks ago. So, summer will be real fun.

Weeks 5 and 6 Book Club Questions

1. Ally has gotten braver at the end of the book. In the beginning she didn’t have any courage and she even went to the principles office to avoid getting embarrassed. Then at the end she was able to read and even helps her brother.

2. I honestly don’t have any plans for the future, but I do want to Washington.

3.  I give this book 5 stars. It was a great read and it was really funny. All though I enjoyed it because it really captured the element of interest.

FIAT Book Club Questions Weeks 3 and 4

  1. When Mr. Daniels shows Ally the word Impossible the crosses out the Im Ally starts to have hope that she will learn how to read.
  2. When Albert encounters bullies he doesn’t really care very much about it, but Ally and keshia really want to put a stop to it.
  3. Don’t focus on the mean people focus on the nice people.

Book Club Questions week 2

1. An unexpected friendship that I noticed was the friendship between Albert, Keshia and Ally. Ally and Keshai we’re bout together when they sat next to each other and Albert quickly joined in.

2. I personally can not relate to this unexpected friendship because I haven’t had one like this.

3.  now my question to you is have you ever had a friendship that you weren’t to sure about in the beginning.

Book Club Questions

  1. My first impression of the novel is that it is a really good book and I love the way you don’t really know what is going on until later in the chapter when it fills you in. It is also pretty easy to read which is also something I really enjoy. I also love how I’m in the exact same grade as the main character because it gives me a better chance to connect with the story.
  2. I ‘ve met some good characters like Ally the main character, her mom, Shay, Mr. Silver, Mrs. Hall and Mr. Daniels. Ally and her mom get along okay, although Ally and Shay are like enemies and Mr. Daniels really understands Ally.
  3. Okay, now my question to you is what would you do if you were like Ally. Would tell the teacher, would you keep it to your self or would you try to fix the issue.

100wc24 Tree Time!

When Alex was walking in the woods while he was admiring a tree. Nobody could blame him though it was a huge tree. Suddenly the tree captured him, it was horrible, but no one saw so they couldn’t set him free. Alex himself started to bust out he tried and tried for months though he had no concept of time. finally he poked out his arms, although Alex’s arms had been there for so long that they were almost one with the tree. A Bear looking for honey knocked over the tree. It was a gigantic bear. Alex was free.

Hello From Texas

Hi, my name is Luke. I live in Carrollton TX. I’m in the 6th grade too, but our class has a little bit more  students. Carrollton is right next to Dallas. our school is located in Carrollton, but some of our class lives in cities near there. Our school has 632 students total. Some activities that our class likes doing are sports, tubing and river rafting. It doesn’t snow very much at all, but it gets really exiting when it does snow. Our school was established in 1980  Have a nice spring break!



A Lean Back Chair Story 100wc20


One time I went into a Guitar shop and I said out loud, ” These guitars are horrible.” Then the worker told me, ”these guitars are very extraordinary!” As I was walking out of the store he shoved me so I went outside grabbed mustard and squirted all over the worker. He was leaning back in his chair so when I squirted the mustard he fell off his chair so I had to call there manager. It was a disaster, but luckily he was okay. We actually ended up becoming very great friends. He taught me how to play guitar.

The Shiny Key100wc18

I was so exited to graduate out of astronaut school ,but before I could go into space we went on a trip. On the trip we took a hike and I saw a key it was almost blinding because of how shiny it was. Anyway on the day we went into space I was gong up into the rocket and from above I could see the shiny key from the hike. Then as I kept going up I kept seeing the key. And I knew the Shiny  key was lucky so I went down and got the key. The End.


When I was baking cookies I went to my friends house. We went there in a  taxi. We passed by a very nice looking waterfall. I had always been sort of jealous of them living near this waterfall. Once we got to there house we started making the dough. It looked good so I got exited for how these were going to turn out. When they came out I was super disappointed because they were like yellow. Every body was heavily angry at me and my friend including my friends mom. She was very very very very very very angry.