The Barren Grounds

In my opinion the Barren Grounds is a very good book. I don’t really no what time period this takes place. Anyways this has a great story about two foster kids Eli and Morgan. There both in the same foster home. It is Morgan’s 8th home and Eli’s 1st home.I’m only on chapter 3 ,but it’s really good so far. The People Taking Care of the 2 are James and Katie. My favorite part is were Eli’s drawling pad gets run over.

My Thoughts on 6th Grade So Far

My name is Luke and I’m in 6th grade  and I have one brother in 7th grade .My thoughts about this school year so far is that its better than last year and the new stuff like media lab is really fun. It reminds me of the first time I went into smart lab Because it has the same type of feeling. My favorite subject this year is easily English. The school that I go to is Prince of Peace Christian School. It is actually the only school that I’ve been to.